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Easter 2012 Conclusion – By Roger Bennett

Categories: Study

On March 27, 2005, Roger Bennett wrote the following article, Why The Cross, Why The Tomb? – for Easter of that year. I thought it would fit as a perfect conclusion to our little study on the blood of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!March 27, 2005…

Why The Cross, Why The Tomb?

“In the current environment of political correctness at any cost, the idea of a “bloody Gospel” offends many people. A majority of Americans describe themselves as spiritual, even believers; yet the same number reject the idea of a blood sacrifice for the sins of the world. Why? I believe there are many different reasons, but I think they all stem from the overall problem with sin. Sin is out of style, if you will; yet it was sin that took a Savior to the cross. Not His sin, but mine. A death like no other yielded a victory unlike any other.

The cross is offensive not just to many of our generation, but it was equally (maybe even more) repugnant to the generation of Jesus’ day. Crucifixion was a death reserved for the lowest of the low. A person of stature never ended up on a cross. Certainly not a King or a Savior. No, this was reason enough for the intellects of the day to reject the death of Jesus as anything more than a solution to the problem of this troublemaker from Galilee. Yet the greatest mind of the day, the Apostle Paul, continued to “glory in the cross.” What was foolishness to everyone else was precious to Paul. The very symbol of a horrible death was now the very embodiment of Salvation. I’m glad for that and I, too, glory in the old, rugged cross. But it doesn’t end there! Having endured the nightmare of the cross, feeling the absolute weight of the world on His shoulders, experiencing even the forsaking of His Father, Jesus’ work was only half complete. The tomb was waiting.

It was not remarkable for a man to be killed on the cross. Across the Roman empire, literally thousands of people died on crosses every year. No, the method of death was not original. It didn’t start with Jesus, and it would not end with Him. What is unique, and what causes my heart to beat faster, is knowing that Jesus was the first and last to leave the tomb under His own power! Death was rendered powerless against the power of God. This man, Jesus, the Lamb of the world, was now the complete fulfillment of the good news of the Gospel! Death defeated – life the victor! The precious blood had been spilled out for the salvation of all.

I know you are all very busy. I’ve talked to people tonight who are getting ready for sunrise service and all kinds of special service for Easter 2005. I think it’s great, and I wish I were physically able to participate. But I want to remind you not to get so caught up with the demands on your time that you forget the reason that we celebrate this day in the first place. The cross was temporary and, thank God, so was the tomb! His Risen! Let those words be the foundation of everything you do, today and every day of your life!  Through the sacrifice of Christ we, too, defeat death!  We too become victors!

I know a little about blood, having been through two bone marrow transplants. They tell me that my donor cells are doing well, and I’m trilled with that. But, on a much larger scale, I had a transplant when I was nine years old that is never in danger of failing. I exchanged my eternity for His eternity when I made Him Lord of my life. My sin was traded for His perfection! My weakness for His strength; my sadness for His joy. I was undeserving, yet given a place at His table. What grace has been extended.

Why the cross, why the tomb? No one had ever defeated these two horrible things. They should have been the end of the story of Jesus. Should have been, but…

He is risen, His is risen indeed!”


Author: lynnschronicles

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