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everydayinhispresI have this tradition.  Every year, I use a different devotional for my morning quiet time.  In 2016, I read Every Day in His Presence by Dr. Charles Stanley, senior pastor of First Baptist Church Atlanta and one of my favorite preacher/authors.  After spending a year with this beautiful volume, I’ll give a brief outline of why I enjoyed it so much.

Dr. Stanley has a very practical style of writing where he can be straightforward and honest without it coming across harsh.  You know how it is with words on paper – they can come across so many ways.  But, even though Dr. Stanley tackles some very tough issues in these pages, he never sounds condemning or stern.  It’s almost as if you can hear his mellow tone speaking the words in a caring, compassionate way like you hear on his podcasts or television program.  Another thing I really enjoyed was how he incorporated Scriptures that are quite common and made them fresh for the moment.  Many times I opened up Every Day in His Presence to read just what I needed for that day, and to me, that’s a good devotional!

The book has a hardcover shell with silver embossing on the front, sewn in ribbon bookmark and thick glossy pages.  In the back, there are about ten lined pages for notes.  My ultimate rating on a yearly devotional is wrapped up in this question, “Would I use it again for another year sometime down the road?”  The answer is, “Yes, I would!”

Recommended for…

Anyone looking for a daily devotional (365 days) that is easy reading and practical.  Also available in Spanish on Christian


Hardcover from Christian Book – here

Kindle edition from Amazon – here 


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