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GodMomentsIf you are looking for a book that’s simple, enjoyable and deeply inspiring, God Moments In An Ordinary Life by Debra Talley would be the first one I would point you toward.  In the volume, Debra shares a wide variety of experiences from her life.  Not just the memorable moments that have occurred throughout her career as one of Southern Gospel’s favorite alto vocalist, but everyday happenings as a mother, friend and an observer of God working in lives far and near.  

As you open Debra‘s writings, you’ll first encounter recommendations from individuals such as Dr. Charles Stanley, Matthew Hagee, Aaron Wilburn, Connie Hopper, etc.  After flipping past the table of contents, you’ll read the “Forward” penned by Debra’s daughter, Lauren Talley Alvey, and after a word from Debra herself in the Introduction, the main body of the book begins.  For the next 100 pages you will read about people, life lessons and moments that have been stamped on Debra’s life, as Dr. Charles Stanley put it, “Divine appointments.”  

Of course, some of the stories will give you a good laugh (like the tale of Pop Webb) but outside of those, the stories read like a devotional.  Debra has the talent to tell a good story and highlight how God works through it all.  She doesn’t write “preachy” or argumentative.  She simply narrates the tale and how she saw the hand of the Lord work in it.  As a result, I enjoyed this little volume greatly.  You could probable read it in one sitting if you wanted!  If you do purchase it, I’m sure you will be blessed by what you read therein. 
A word from the author…

“I am excited to announce the release of my first book, God Moments In An Ordinary Life. For over twenty five years, I have been writing about the unexpected moments in my life that God uses to teach me more about Himself. This book is a compilation of these writings. I hope this book will be a blessing and a challenge to all who read it to find the God moments in your ordinary days.” – Debra Talley

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