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Isaiah’s Legacy – Around The World In 80 Books #50

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Setting: Israel
Time Period: 693 BC – 651 BC

Ever read about the Old Testament kings and come across a verse that says, “And so-and-so began to reign when he was nine years old?” and wonder, “How could someone so young rule a nation?” If so, then Isaiah’s Legacy by Mesu Andrews is a must read! Through this sequel to Isaiah’s Daughter, Andrews brings the story of Manasseh to life and how a child’s reign turned into one of the greatest redemption stories of redemption in the Old Testament.

The story of Manasseh has always been one of my favorites in the Old Testament – the radical change from an idol worshiper to a Yahweh worshiper is truly amazing. But there are so many questions in between the story’s beginning and end. This novel takes you on a fictional journey of how such a life may have developed and I loved how the author crafted this story. There were times when your heart broke for both Shulle and Manasseh as they tried to find their way in a cruel world and then there were times when you rejoiced with the steadfastness of Yahweh’s followers.

My favorite part about this story was how the author made it so believable. Personally, though I’ve been through some hard times myself, it’s so hard to grasp how someone with a father like King Hezekiah could turn from the Lord and do so much evil. But I loved the angle Andrews took in her telling; it felt real and something that maybe even people today could relate too. (I won’t spoil it for you though! You’ll have to read the book to find out what it is!) On the other hand, the author made Manasseh so personable. For example, he liked cats, and y’all, any character that has a cat gets my vote! LOL!

Conclusion: This book was so full of rich characters, truths and life patterns, it’s hard to express all the things I learned and enjoyed in a simple review.  I would recommend Isaiah’s Legacy to anyone who is a student of the Word and wants to gain a different, “possible perspective” or someone who just has a love for Biblical Fiction. I learned a lot historically about the time period and am so glad that the author included notes at the end that tells you what is fact and what is fiction. All in all, a great, deep read!

Author: lynnschronicles

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