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Minding The Light – Suzanne Woods Fisher

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If you’re like me and find a series you really enjoy, then you might understand having anxiety over whether or not you’ll love the second book as much as the first one. Let me assure you, you won’t have that problem with the Nantucket Legacy by Suzanne Woods Fisher. Minding The Light is the second book in the series and is just as good as Phoebe’s Light (book one.)

Minding The Light skips a couple generations, so all the characters on Nantucket are brand new to the reader. But don’t worry, you’ll recognize a lot of the surnames and…they’re just as thrilling as the original cast! There were literally some pages I read and then set the book down and sat dumbfounded on my couch because I didn’t suspect a certain twist in the story. I think that’s why I love this series so much, you’re reading along thinking this is going to be a sweet romance, intertwined with a good plot and some struggles. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the author drops a bombshell that changes everything. It’s still a great story with a slow budding romance, but wow, does it get complicated towards the end!

I also loved how entries from Great Mary’s journal appeared in this novel like they did in the first book. Once again, the short tidbits from the journal gave the book an extra layer of excitement and told more of Great Mary’s story, after she married Nathaniel. Because of the journal, I would definitely say that this is a series you should read in order. The journal gives you info in the first book that makes you anticipate how it will come up again in Daphne Coffin’s story. The sheer excitement you get when you realize the character’s problem could be solved in an instant if they knew a certain something makes you want to cry out, “But there’s a …..!” So read book one first – you’ll be glad you did!

Conclusion: Minding The Light is another great read from Suzanne Woods Fisher and a wonderful follow up to Phoebe’s Light! I could not put this book down. I would easily read 100 pages in one sitting, and for me, that’s a lot. (I’m a slow – 50 page a day – reader, normally.) The writing style was so easy to read, yet, there was so much packed in these chapters. This author knows how to tell a story! I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys an easy going romance, but doesn’t mind a good challenge to the characters in between. Book number three, here I come!

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