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In 2010, The Singing News announced that their celebrated SN Fan Awards Show would move to _DSC8161Dollywood that year and be incorporated with the SGMA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, which also made its home at the theme park.  The Fan Awards had been hosted at NQC since the 70’s and remained there until 2009.  After four years at Dollywood, the Fan Awards returned to NQC this year as an afternoon matinee.  What awaited us?  Well, as Phil (the announcer for NQC who kept us entertained between showcases) said…the grand opening was going to be like none we had seen before!

What could that mean?  Well, when the screens counted down and the music started we quickly found out.  On stage, Lauren Talley, Brooklyn Collingsworth, Jason Crabb and Joseph Habedank began singing an up-beat praise song called I’ve Got A Song To Sing.  From each side of the room a small choir of Gospel singers filed in wearing grey and green robes…  From the right and from the left they moved down the aisles and ascended the front of the stage until everyone was clapping and singing along.  In the choir were all the members of Karen Peck and New River, Tribute, Triumphant and the Whisnants.

“My!” exclaimed our host, Jason Crabb, “Do you feel that in this house?  Was that fun?”  The crowd applauded and we were off to the first award.

Favorite Musician – Kim Collingsworth

Reagan Griffin (Rodney’s daughter – Greater Vision) walked around to the front of the stage with the award and waited to present it Kim.  Kim accepted, said a few words and then was encouraged to play a solo.  When she finished, everyone was on their feet.

“God’s been digging around my roots and reminding me, ‘You don’t ever forget why you’re out here.’” – Kim Collingsworth.

Favorite Young Artist – Amber Thompson

(Amber was not present and so Sonya Isaacs accepted for her and read a “thank you” Amber had texted to her in case she won.)

Karen and Susan Peck were ushered on stage as the next presenters and played out a little skit where their cell phone rang and supposedly their mom asked for Gerald.  Gerald, in a manner only his personality can only pull off, ran up on stage and took the phone saying, “I told you not to call me here!”  (Of course, that was said loud enough for everybody to hear!)  The crowd laughed and the next award was presented.

Favorite Soloist – Ivan Parker

“I want to thank each of you who considered me worthy of this award,” said Ivan, “It is incredible that God would take this guy and let me sing this great music.”

Top 10 Song: The Kingdom Heirs took the stage and sang their song that was voted in the top ten – Just Beyond The Sunset.

Favorite DJ – John Whisnant (Small Market) Lottie Squairs (Medium Market) Daniel Britt (Large Market)

The following two awards were presented by brothers, Austin and Ethan Whisnant…


Favorite New Soloist – Joseph Habedank

Top 10 Song:  This one came from Triumphant, Because He Loved Me.

Favorite New Quartet – Canton Junction

At this point in the program Faye Speer was inducted to the SGMA Hall of Fame and Arthur Rice accepted for her.

Presenting next were brother and sister, Kelly Bowling and Aaron Crabb…

Favorite Male Singer – Ronnie Booth

Favorite Band – Kingdom Heirs Band

Connie and Sheryl McKamey presented the following two awards…

Favorite Lead Singer – Ronnie Booth

Top 10 Song:  Brian Free and Assurance sang Calvarys Cry and received a standing ovation.

Favorite Tenor Singer – Michael Booth

Presenting next were Morgan and Madison Easter.  (These two actually were booed at when they made fun of their parents from the stage – should have known that the crowd would sympathize with the parents!)  LOL

Favorite Non-Performing Songwriter – Diane Wilkinson


Top 10 Song:  The McKameys performed A Hill Worth Dying On.

Favorite Baritone Singer – Jim Brady

The SN program paused once more and Eddie Crook was induced into the SGMA Hall of Fame.  Eddie produced more #1 songs than any other producer!

Hannah and Parker Webb presented the following…

Favorite New Trio – The Hyssongs

Top 10 Song:  Legacy Five with Living In The Palace!

Favorite Bass Singer – Eric Bennett

The next presenters to take the stage were none other than Ronnie and Michael Booth!_DSC8275

New Mixed Group – The Mylon Hayes Family

Top 10 Song:  Long Live The King from The Old Paths.

Favorite Soprano Singer – Kim Hopper

Brother and sister Chris and Suzanne Taylor presented next.

Favorite Mixed Group – The Collingsworth Family

“It is an honor to be in service to the King.”  – Phil Collingsworth

Top 10 Song:  The Whisnants with He Can Move That Stone.

As the Whisnants left the stage, Suzanne exclaimed, “That is one fine looking lead singer!”  Chris added, “That wasn’t in the script.”  (It was a fun moment, but I don’t think the crowd connected that Suzanne and the Whisnants lead, Aaron, are married because no one laughed.  🙁

Favorite Trio – The Booth Brothers

Another Hall of Fame inductee was Claude Hopper, who was brought on stage to accept and say a few words.

The sibling theme was definitely a mainstay with this year’s presenters, ‘cause Becky and Ben Isaacs were up next to present these awards…

Favorite Alto Singer – Libbi Stuffle

Top 10 Song:  One of my favorites!  Greater Vision came to the stage and sang Preacher, Tell Me Like It Is.

Favorite Female Singer – Kim Hopper

Philip and Brooklyn Collingsworth presented another two awards…

Favorite Songwriter – Rodney Griffin

“We are nothing without the support of our families; whether you’re a songwriter, bus driver, we just can’t do it unless we have their favor when we pull out of that driveway every week.”  – Rodney Griffin

Top 10 Song:  Karen Peck and New River’s popular Revival!

Favorite Male Quartet – Triumphant

_DSC8457Next, Paul Heil was inducted into the SGMA Hall of Fame.  He’s been doing the Gospel Greats program on radio every week for 35 years!

Dean and Mike Hopper were up next to present…

Favorite Album – Greater Vision’s For All He’s Done

Top 10 Song:  I See Grace sung by The Booth Brothers.

Favorite Song – Preacher, Tell Me Like It Is (Greater Vision)

The last presenter for the last award was Squire Parsons…

Favorite Artist of the Year – The Booth Brothers

Conclusion:  The Singing News Fan Awards were so much fun!  During the show I was tweeting and posting on FB the recipients of every award and taking notes for this post all at the same time, so I do have to admit that this review isn’t as detailed as most.  On the other hand, instead of just listing the awards and who won them, I thought it would be neat to lay everything out in the order it happened with a few quotes I managed to jot down here and there.  Hope you enjoyed it!

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