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Prague – Food At The Christmas Markets

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You may be wondering, “Why go to a restaurant when I can eat on Old Town Square at the markets?” Well, if you’re visiting Prague during Christmas, you’ll certainly find enough in the square to try! Here are a few of the things I had at Old Town Square and the other Christmas markets throughout the city. Remember, each square in Prague has its own Christmas market during Advent, so if you’re not in Old Town Square, there’s still plenty of food stalls to eat at regardless of your location.

Old Town Square

One of the first things I tried in Old Town Square was Goulash Soup. This soup was made of a dark broth and had bits of vegetables and beef in it and came with a slice of rye bread. I would get it from “The Three Mice” stall right in front of the concert stage for 60 Czech kcs. It was so good I had it multiple times!

The last night I was in Prague I tried the mini pancakes with caramel and peanuts from a stall called Minis. The pancakes were about the size of a 50 kc coin (or an American half dollar) and the lady cooked them right in front of you! They were delightful! Though I bought the Caramel and nut, they came in different flavors. My sister had the traditional kind, which was covered in a powdered sugar. They also came in Oreo and a bunch of other goodies!


Now, if you’re looking for a treat, then you may want to try a Spa Wafer. I found a stall that sold them individually for 15 Czech kcs, and tried three flavors. The first one I had was the big round one. When the lady asked me what flavor I wanted, I asked for the most original one. She smiled and said that would be hazelnut and pulled one of the big round wafers out. And yes, they are as big as they look! (A little smaller than a paper plate.) The next day I tried the Coco and the Dark Chocolate from the same stall. These ones were cut into a pie shape and stacked in layers. All three were tasty but I’d say my favorite was the hazelnut. The Spa Wafers are a traditional Czech cookie, and if you go to Prague you should try them!

Another treat I tried was Marzipan. The stall we stopped at had so many flavors to choose from, and with help from the lady selling the treats, we selected two. She explained that marzipan was an almond flour and sugar candy.  We purchased the coco and the coco and marzipan swirl. Our favorite was the coco – it had a smooth texture and was sweet. The swirl was also sweet, but had a more grainy texture.

If you walk around the Christmas Markets, you’ll see stalls that say Trdelník everywhere! This bread-like food is kind of like a cinnamon roll without the icing and is hollow in the middle. You can get the middle filled with ice cream (but who wants that in the middle of winter?); or, you can get liquid chocolate/Nutella coated on the inside. I tried it plain and it was very filling. Though, the locals will tell you that’s it not a traditional Czech food, everyone eats it and it’s something you should try at least once! LOL!

If you’ve read any travel blogs or follow the Prague Guide on YouTube while researching a trip to the Czech Republic, you may have heard about the “Ham Shacks.” They charge by the gram/weight and tend to rip you off; however, they had a sauerkraut, potato, cheese and bacon bowl called Haluski I just had to try once! The sauerkraut had a mild flavor and the “bacon” wasn’t like American bacon that you fry on the stove, but cut up pieces of ham mixed in. It was a good, heavy meal that I only had it once. As someone who grew up eating sauerkraut all the time at home, it kinda felt like a more “normal” meal. lol!


The first night we were in Old Town Square I noticed a food stall with a sign, “Grilled Cheese.” Since I’m always in the mood for cheese, the second night I wanted to try it. The mini sandwich of mozzarella cheese was grilled in front of you, placed on a piece of rye bread with a spoon full of jam placed on top. It was by far the most interesting thing I tried! The cheese was a bit salty, but the sweetness of the jam off-set it to make a tasty treat.


The most American thing I had on this visit was a chicken sandwich from the “Chicken Chicken” stall. Shredded chicken was stuffed in a soft tortilla shell with lettuce and tomatoes. Only 90 Czech kcs, this sandwich tasted great and wasn’t very expensive. So, if you’re not adventurous with food, you wouldn’t go hungry with these!


But the food wasn’t the only thing Old Town Square had to offer! In just a few days, I was hooked on Hot Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, Hot Ginger and my crew really enjoyed the Caffe Latte.


Jiřího z Poděbrad Square

Far away from Old Town Square is a smaller Christmas and Farmers Market by the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord. After watching the Honest Prague Guide on YouTube, I had to hunt down this Christmas Market and find a particular stall that sold traditional Czech goodies. We weren’t disappointed! This stall had a variety of sweets and I bought several, stowing them in my backpack to take back to our rented apartment.


The first goodie I wanted to try was called Linecke – it’s a cookie in a flower shape, made of buttery goodness and fruit jam in the middle. They were 20 Czeck kcs and delicious!

The second thing I bought was called Tzusicka (from what I can make out from the sign on the case). It was in the shape of an egg roll and filled with light, white cream on the inside like a cream puff. And they were also only 20 Czeck kcs!

Namesti Republiky


This Christmas Market was just down the road from Old Town Square in Wenceslas Square and had a lot of the same stalls as the others, but there was one thing my crew saw that they wanted to try as we browsed through the food selection! I didn’t catch the name of the item, but it had cheese and spinach wrapped in the middle of a flaky phyllo crust. It reminded me of something you’d see on a Pillsbury commercial and was quite good! We only saw it for sale at the market at Namesti Republiky, on the road left of the Powder Tower.

Conclusion: That’s a lot of food to try! LOL! Best thing is, you can get most of it in the city’s hub, Old Town Square. Though I’d encourage you to try a little bit of everything at least once, I realize that not everyone is as adventurous as I am with food. But what I hope you’ve taken away from this post is that anyone can go to the Prague Christmas Markets and find something to eat that you will think is delicious. If you like to play it safe, the chicken sandwiches will make you feel right at home in the US and the mini pancakes from Minies fall in that category too. If you like to be adventurous, forge on into the grilled cheese or Goulash soup. Regardless of your personal tastes, I know there’s something in the Prague Christmas Markets you’ll enjoy!

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