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Second Chance – Around The World In 80 Books #46

Categories: Books,The Latest

Setting: Barbados and US
Time Period: Modern Day

“Second Chance” by Nicole Taylor is a chic flick novel with a millionaire, Hollywood style plot. She’s a model – he’s a movie star – and they just happen to have enough in common to fall in love. And by in love, I mean marriage. So often, novels just cover the dating/falling in love portion of the story, but I was pleasantly surprised that this book had both. Part one was your traditional “Dana and Robert falling in love” part and then part two fast forwarded to ten years after marriage. It’s not often that I read a story that covers this much time in one book, so I enjoyed the different perspective and knowing the backstory upfront.

To begin, I know nothing about the modeling industry. For that reason, I enjoyed learning a lot of new things from Dana’s story. Robert’s character was great too. The couple were Christian from the get go in an industry that would make a life of faith hard, but the author realistically showed how this couple put up a good fight for ten long years. But…just like real life, nothing is ever perfect, and so the second part of the book shows how they struggled in their marriage while trying to balance kids and careers. Some of the drama may have been a little predictable, but for the most part, it kept my attention and interest till the end. There was also a nasty bad guy involved that made some portions tense and kept you wanting to turn the page.

Conclusion: So, I was so excited to find a Christian Fiction novel set in Barbados for the “Around The World In 80 Books” challenge…then I found out this book only had a few chapters at the end in Barbados. LOL! Well, I’m claiming it anyway! Though I’ve never been into the Chic Flick genre, I found this book interesting and a nice change up from what I’m used to.

Author: lynnschronicles

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