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SGM Song Devotional, Easter Part 8 – Remind Me Of The Cross

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Remind Me Of The Cross

I remember the moment,
I can take you to the place,
Every burden was lifted,
Every sin was washed away.
But as time passes by, Lord, if ever I fail to remember,
The price that You paid

Remind me of the thorns,
You wore as a crown.
The stripes that You bore,
And the blood flowing down.
The nails, and the weight of my sin.
And should a day ever come when I forget,
What real love costs, remind me of the cross.

When I think of Your mercy
How You love someone like me.
I’m amazed by Your goodness,
And it brings me to my knees.
But if life takes its toll, And it’s not well with my soul.
Then Lord, take me back to Calvary.

Where the Son of Man, The spotless Lamb,
Suffered and died.


If you have seen Brian Free and Assurance in concert recently, or own a copy of their current project, Never Walk Alone, you will be familiar with this ballad about the cross. What I love most about this song is that it can apply to anybody and everybody. There is not a Believer on this earth that hasn’t been distracted from the Lord by everyday worry and stress. Jeremy Lile describes these lyrics as a prayer, and it is one we all can voice as our own. May this song be our anthem throughout the rest of the year…

Isaiah 43:25-26 “I, even I, am He that blotted out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins. Put Me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou may be justified.”

Today is Easter, on this day we celebrate both the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We remember what He endured on the cross, not just the physical suffering He experienced by what man did to Him, but also what man didn’t see – when He bore the sin of the whole world. When for the first time ever, He was separated from His Father and truly forsaken. (We can’t even imagine what that must have been like…) Thinking about some of the trials we go through on this earth, nothing will ever compare to what Christ went through for you and for me. We also celebrate His resurrection and the glorious morning when the women found that His tomb was empty and He was alive indeed. Yet, the remembrance of Him is not just on Easter, or Sunday mornings – it’s everyday, every hour, every minute, every breath we take. A worship that is just not with our lips, but from a heart overflowing with gratitude and love for Him. He is worthy!

The chorus of this song, Remind Me Of The Cross, could very easily become the anthem of our lives. As trials, and everyday life try to distract us from our Savior, this song gets us back on track. In concert, Brian reminds us that, “As Christians we are not promised once we’re born again that all our problems go away…that we’ll never have a valley to go through or a trouble to face. As a matter of fact it tells us the opposite.”

In the first three devotionals that we had together, we made mention of some details of the thorns, whip and nails that were used in the death of our Lord. To review a little on these, it just so happens that the chorus of this song talks about all three!

The Chorus:
Remind me of the thorns You wore as a crown…
Remember that the Jerusalem thorns were three to four inches long?
The stripes that You bore, and the blood flowing down…
Remember the scourge with the pieces of bone and sharp metal attached to it that was used to place the stripes upon His back?
The nails and the weight of my sin…
Remember that the spikes used in the crucifixion were five to seven inches long?
And should a day ever come when I forget, what real love costs, remind me of the cross…

It wasn’t the nails that were placed in our Savior’s hands and feet
that held Him to the cross that day,
it was His love for us.
He could have called legions of angels at any time to put a stop to it,
but He chose not to for you and for me…that’s love.”

– Brian Free

Author: Lynn

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