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Brian Alvey

CD Review: Love Won – The Talleys

Love Won isn’t just a song or a CD…it’s a reality for every Christian.  With the Talley’s release of this recording early last year (2012) fans could not only enjoy new music, but build their faith with the encouraging lyrics in these songs.  Love Won is also the first Talley recording debuting vocalist Brian Alvey…

Video Blog – Highlights From SHS!

[flv width=”800″ height=”375″][/flv] Here are some evening highlights from the Steve Hurst School of Music.  These by no means represent even the smallest portion of school life – there’s so much more!!!  You’ll watch Joyce read a letter to Steve as he tries to guess “who” the author is – I really giggled at the…

Substitute Teachers and Singing Homecoming Style!

The familiar tune of Mansion Over The Hilltop greeted me as I walked into Chapel on Wednesday morning.  Jeff Stice was on stage at the piano creating those beautiful chords and phrases.  (Warning: musical terms!)  Once everyone came in and was settled, we enjoyed a solo from Mary Anne, one of the vocal teachers.  She…

Steve Hurst School Of Music Kick-Off!

For those who missed my Tweet at the beginning of the week, here’s the skibbies – no, I did not go incommunicado this week! I arrived at the University to find that they did not have internet in the rooms as they did last year!  So, there went my plans for blogging daily.  *** BIG…