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SGM Song Devotional, Easter Part 6 – He’s Alive

He’s Alive The gates and doors were barred And all the windows fastened down I spent the night in sleeplessness And rose at every sound Half in hopeless sorrow And half in fear the day Would find the soldiers breakin’ through To drag us all away And just before the sunrise I heard something at…

SGM Song Devotional, Easter Part 5 – Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone He had money to burn, but he had learned, How quickly the world can fall apart. Cause his wealth couldn’t buy, one day of life, For the teacher he followed from afar. Though Jesus promised He would rise again, Joseph took His body down, and buried Him. And I guess he gave…

SGM Song Devotional, Part Four – One Holy Lamb

Atonement day, the shepherd cries, Another spotless lamb must die. Oh, how could just one sacrifice, Our God Jehovah satisfied? Year after year, the blood would flow, But none could wash, me white as snow. Salvation’s day, fulfilled the plan, The promise came, One Holy Lamb. Chorus: One Holy Lamb, washed my sin away, One…