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Jill Eileen Smith

Daughter of Eden – Jill Eileen Smith

If you enjoy Biblical Fiction, Daughter of Eden by Jill Eileen Smith is a must read. It is probably the most doctrinal and theologically accurate Biblical Fiction novel I have ever read… (I grew up studying a lot in Genesis, so I feel like I have a decent handle on the things folks can split…

Michal – Jill Eileen Smith

Ever read a Bible story and go, “Oh, that person!  Why are they acting like that?” For years, that’s been my opinion of David’s wife, Michal.  We only get a short glimpse of her in Scripture, but it isn’t a favorable impression…at least not to me.  But opinions can change, and that’s happened when I…

Redeeming Grace – Jill Eileen Smith

Earlier in the year I read Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith and really enjoyed it, so I decided to dig into another one of her books, Redeeming Grace.  The Biblical story of Ruth is my favorite.  I’ve always viewed it like an ancient Cinderella, where loss and heartache turns into true love and the couple…