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Rosella Roberts

The Isaacs at Meramec Music Theater

In late October, I celebrated another birthday.  Would you believe that it happened to fall on the exact day that there was a Gospel concert in the area?  Yep, it sure did!  But it was not just any ole’ concert, it was with the Isaacs at Meramec Music Theater in Steelville, Missouri…the exact same place…

BFA and Birthdays

The Meramec Music Theater in Steelville, Missouri has a concert series every year for Gospel Music.  I was happy to be at the first concert this year in March with The Whisnants and also April’s concert with Brian Free and Assurance.  What made BFA’s concert extra special, was that it happened to be on my…

A Crowd That Talks Back

In Southern Missouri, winter should have be over and “done with” by the end of March.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.  Bitter temperatures still clung to the air and cut through our jackets.  Yet, what we call the “desolate winter” concerning the amount of Gospel concerts one can attend between Thanksgiving and Easter was breaking.  For example,…