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Truelove Quartet

The Whisnants…and Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I stood on my front porch and watched three baby raccoons cackle as they made their way across my yard.  Mentally, I was trying to keep track of what needed done before I left to drive to a concert, but with three adorable masked fur balls in my yard I was a bit…

The Talley’s – Standing Room Only!

We would all agree that attending concerts is fun.  Music, laughter, and jokes from favorite artists encourage your spirit and push everyday worries to the back of your mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy a great time with other Believers.  On the other hand, there is nothing that can match attending a concert with…

Christmas, Watermelons and a Bus Wreath

Ahhhh, the last concert before Christmas – and what a concert it was!  Out of all the artists that come into the area every year, this group is one that is rare to find in Southern Missouri.  Yet, when they do get booked in, they make some of the best memories and perform some of…

Black Friday’s Best Deal of All – The Kingsmen!

Okay, I’m just dying to know!  How many SGM fans forfeited shopping to go to a concert on Black Friday?  Or…How many attended a concert and went shopping?  How many did neither?  Well, I fell into the first category – didn’t brave the crowds in the stores, but I did mingle in with the traffic…

Brian Free and Assurance – The Game or the Gospel?

At this time of year, it seems that nothing can compete with the games, (World Series, football, etc) … except, Brian Free and Assurance!!!  These guys rolled into Lifepoint Church in Lebanon, Missouri, and it just happened to be the night of a big game between Lebanon and Springfield High School football  – and to…