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The Ark Builders Wife – Tracy Higley

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I’ve been a fan of Tracy Higley for a long time. When I first heard she was going to write about Noah, I couldn’t wait for “The Ark Builders Wife” to be released. Noah’s Ark is one of my favorite Bible stories and having your favorite author write a novel about it is like a dream come true!

This novel is published through Guideposts as the third book in their “Ordinary Women of the Bible” series. As a part of Guideposts, there are certain criteria a novel must meet to be published with them. So if you’re used to an author’s writing style and see something different in their Guideposts book, that’s probably why. I saw this a little in “The Ark Builders Wife.” The book had a great plot and some suspense, but it was a little more chill and less intense than Higley’s regular books.

The two things that made this novel a five star read for me were 1) characters and 2) theme. There were some things I expected and was pleased that the book gave the same vibes I feel from the Biblical story, but then, there were some unexpected topics that surprised me and gave me so much more appreciation for the novel and Biblical story.

First of all, the characters were amazing. Some of them broke my heart and others made me smile, but at the end of the day, you felt like you were reading about a family. (And all the drama that comes along with kin!) I felt Noah had a fair representation, I adored Zarah and sometimes felt at odds with the attitudes of their three sons. (lol) Then there was Methuselah. I absolutely loved him! The way Higley wrote this character is the exact way I’ve always imagined him. He was one of my favorite characters from this story.

The second thing that blew me away was the theme of persecution. Now, there is no greater time to write about persecution than now. We’re seeing it more and more, but I didn’t expect to find it woven through a book that’s traditionally about a big ship and animals. Yet, there it was. The way that Higley described the persecution inflicted on Noah and his family was written so masterfully, it has completely changed the way I understand this story. It’s so easy to think Noah obeyed God by building the Ark and everyone else was evil and disobeyed God. Good for Noah for doing what was right! Right? But there’s so much more to it if you think about it. If dark and light don’t mix and the world was as evil as the Bible said it was, then Noah suffered because of his obedience to God. And that’s why this novel made such an impact on me. This topic is so needed for our day. We need to understand how to stand up under persecution for our faith and how to do it well. For me, that’s the strongest takeaway from this novel and I think everyone would learn something from “The Ark Builders Wife!”

Conclusion: I love reading Biblical Fiction because of the insight you get into Biblical events. I’m sure like me, you’ve read Bible stories over and over and sometimes, feel like there isn’t anything new or exciting to consider. Then, there are stories like Noah and the Ark – which poses a million questions. You wonder, “Just how did that go down?” In these instances, any insight is welcome. This is one of those books! I’ve read a few novels with Noah at the helm, but I must say that this one is the one that’s helped answer some of my questions and ponderings behind this ancient, Biblical event. Thank you, Tracy Higely, for giving me some peace and answers about a few things surrounding this story!

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