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The Mystery Of The Indian Carvings – Around The World In 80 Books #58

Categories: Books,The Latest

Setting: Canada
Time Period: Modern Day

Julie is sent to her aunt and uncle’s home in Canada for the summer. As a troubled teen, she doesn’t have much choice but hopes she can make a friend in her cousin. Those hopes are dashed when on day one, her cousin causes trouble for her. Julie quickly realizes that the summer wouldn’t be quite as she, nor her parents, imagined. But then, an important Indian artifact carving disappears from her uncles collection, and she feels like she must help get it back.

“The Mystery Of The Indian Carvings” by Gloria Repp is a YA (young adult) novella about discovering who you are in Christ with a fun mystery woven into the plot. Though I’ve never been to any islands in Canada, I felt like I was walking through the forests and riding on the boats through Repp’s descriptions of the island. (I felt like I was in the Pacific Northwest!) I also liked how the author placed Julie in situations that nudged her closer to God and made her grow as a person. The author stressed the importance of growing through troubles, even when life isn’t fair, which I feel is huge for tweens and teens! And of course, the mystery side of the story was great. I couldn’t wait to see how the end would turn out. A good, short read for tweens!

Author: lynnschronicles

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