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The Paris Package – Around The World In 80 Books #53

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Setting: Vienna, Austria; Paris, France
Time Period: 1938

Could you imagine being on your honeymoon and caught in the middle of a war zone? Well, for young, rich and newly married Nicky and Stella, this is exactly what happens to them at the onset of World War Two. Though warned not to go, the young couple went to Europe for their honeymoon and was caught in Austria during the “Night Of The Broken Glass” and had to escape to Paris to deliver a mysterious package that belonged to their Jewish tour guide.

I liked this novel because it involved tourists caught in the action of WWII in Europe. It was a different angle than most WWII books and had a more adventurous plot. Kind of like Indiana Jones, just European war zone style. Also, instead of focusing on average working people trying to escape Hitler’s grasp, the book followed a story about rich people, which is such a contrast when you consider the gravity of what was happening in that time. Yet…the farther you went with this couple, the more you saw depth and a little character, in spite of their spoiled ways. Far fetched or not, it was a different way to write a WWII novel, and I really enjoyed the change of pace.

Conclusion: I read some really negative reviews on this novel before I decided to go ahead and get it. To me, the readers seemed split 50/50 – half the people loved it and half the folks hated it. Personally, I do tend to be a little more positive about the books I read, but this was one where I just couldn’t see why people disliked it so much. I didn’t find it as far-fetched as some folks claimed – lots of books have plots where the daughters take an interest in the family business more than the sons, and, with that in mind, who else would have the opportunity to learn to fly a plane but a “spoiled rich kid?” To me, everything fit! I really enjoyed the novel and how the author weaved in history about “The Night Of Broken Glass” in Vienna with an exciting, fast paced story set in WWII.

Author: lynnschronicles

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