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The Piano Teacher – Kristie Self

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The Piano Teacher is a debut novel that is a must read for fans of Historical Fiction. Set in England with a Downton Abbey feel, the mystery, music and cast of characters will weave their way into your heart, forever leaving their mark. From London to Roderick Glen in the countryside, this Victorian Era novel will keep you turning pages into the long hours of the night.

When Melody Creston’s father dies, she is left penniless with no prospects and a dark secret. Until… a letter from a friend offers her a way of escape from marrying her father’s solicitor, Fenwick Peele. With her housekeeper, Maria, Melody escapes to the countryside of Roderick Glen to begin her life as a commoner. Or more specifically, a piano teacher.

The first thing I really loved about The Piano Teacher was how the plot made you sit on the edge of your seat, yet, the romantic side of the story was sweet and charming. (And I’ll give you a little hint, there’s more than one couple falling in love in the book…) *wink* It’s a clean read. There’s an 1800’s English village vibe (complete with gossips), the aristocrat class, commoners and a sinister antagonist. Combined, it was really the perfect English novel.

When you pick up this book, you will fall in love with the characters and their personalities. Though Melody and Henry are the major players, you’ll experience viewpoints from multiple characters. The thing that impressed me the most was how developed ALL those characters were. (Especially the children!) The author outdid herself on character development!

Conclusion: This is the type of book that will someday be a classic. The heroine was beautiful, intriguing and talented; the hero was broken, complex, yet, trying so hard to make a life for himself. And the bad guy…ummm, unpredictable, yet classic. If you love quaint English mysteries, this is your book. Don’t put it on your TBR, just read it right away!

Author: lynnschronicles

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