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Truelove Quartet is a local group based out of Lebanon, Missouri.  They love fellowship, so when they book a concert in their hometown they bring in another group to sing with.  Towards the end of May, they sang in the Cowan Civic Center with Brian Free and Assurance and I was happy to be there to enjoy the singing!

Speaking of fellowship, I can’t tell you how tickled I was to see so many friends out at this concert!  Joyce and Vince, Kim and Julie, Linda…time flew by so quickly, before I knew it, the concert was starting.  Truelove Quartet is led by Wayne Truelove, group owner, manager and bass singer.  The last time I saw Truelove they were a mixed group, but since then, they’ve moved on to a male quartet.  They sang songs from Ivan Parker (Keeper of the Lost and Found), Gold City (Midnight Cry) and they even topped off their set with BFA’s I Have Been Healed!

When it was time for Brian Free and Assurance to come out, Bill waved to the crowd and Brian greeted everyone before they began their first song, What a Beautiful Day (for the Lord to come again).  If the Lord Says Do It followed and then Brian pointed out that what the Church desperately needs is found in the title of their next song, Revival.  “That’s the truth,” Brian reiterated afterwards, “Now, this next song some of you will know, and if you do, sing it along with us!”  It was Just a Little Talk With Jesus.  Bill encouraged the crowd to, “Sing it now,” and when the bass solo was finished Brian interjected, “Ah, that’s nothing.  I could sing just like that before my voice changed.”  *wink*  He went on to say that they love being in the state of Missouri and encouraged us to clap for our own Truelove Quartet one more time.  “We are here to have a good night with you lifting up our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” said Brian, then he introduced the group.  Mike Rogers, the quartet’s baritone, was featured next on Tell It Like It Was.  “I see you like that song as much as we do.”

“This next song we want to sing for you tonight we had a number of requests for and we do it basically every night.  We can talk about this for a while but we can all agree that we live in a mixed up, messed up, twisted world.  I wish I can tell you some of the things we see on the road – we travel all over the US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, all over the world telling people about Christ, some of the things we see even in so called church would make you sick if you believe in the Word of God.  The Word of God is the final authority on what it is right and what is wrong.  It’s not up for discussion, it’s not up for a committee to get together and decide whether the Word of God is true – every single word of God is true.  Gospel Music is the good news of Jesus Christ – each one of these songs is Scripture put to music.
We live in a society where the greatest breakdown is in the family structure.  A lot of men have forgotten the role they play in a family.  Number one, that we step up and be men and do what the Word of God tells us to, understand what we’re supposed to do and our responsibilities.  That we love, honor, respect and cherish our wives.  Let them know on a daily basis how much we love them.  Have we set the example for our children, grandchildren and let them see Christ in us?  I was blessed to have a godly father.  My dad passed away back in October of 2010 and I sure miss him.  Dad set a great example for us boys growing up, at a young age I saw something in him that I wanted and that is a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Men let me ask you a question, what kind of legacy are you going to leave behind?  What will your family say about you?  Will they be able to say that your life spiritually impacted theirs?  That you challenged them on a daily basis to live closer to God?  That’s the greatest legacy you could ever leave behind…”

This set I Want To Be That Man, a powerful ballad featuring Brian.  A new fast tune, Little Bit of Me and You followed.  “That’s the truth,” added Brian, “We have to put feet to our faith, God expects us to get involved.”  After a quick product pitch, he went on to explain their next song, “This is the fastest rising song we’ve had in the 20 year history of this group.  We know Who is in control and we know that the Almighty God has us in the palm of His hand.  If you can think back and see how many things He has done in your life that you knew had to be God, you have every reason to say amen.”  Then they sang their current single, Say Amen, and the response was awesome!  After a standing ovation for that power ballad they went into Long As I Got King Jesus…and everyone stood again!


Bill and BFA’s new hat

As it came time for the second half to begin the Truelove Quartet’s tenor brought BFA back on stage…the only problem was, they weren’t all there!  From on stage, Brian shouted, “BILLLLLLL!”  A few minutes (and a few hollers) later, Bill peeks his head out from behind the curtain and asks, “Me?  You waiting on me?”  LOL  The old quartet tune First Day in Heaven kicked off the second half of the concert.  I was so pleased when my favorite song from their new CD, God of Possibilities, was next!  “By request,” said Brian, “a lot of you are gonna’ know this one.” – Oh What a Savior.  “I don’t know about y’all,” continued Brian, “but we had church tonight.  If you’re a born again child of God we are going to spend eternity together, so if you don’t like us, you better learn to because we get to be together forever and ever and ever!”  After that little joke, he returned to the somber subject of the ballad he just sang.  “January 24, 1986,” he began, “on a Sunday morning in a little town in Florida, I came to know the Lord.  I was one of those who got caught up in living the Gospel life…because that’s the only life I knew.  I sang my first Gospel song when I was six and I never dreamed God would have me out here 33 years later, but the first 6-7 years I sang with Gold City, I was lost.”  He went on to talk about how when the rapture takes place a lot of good people are going to be left behind.  Yet, “You can’t good yourself to heaven,” he reminded us.  He went on to pray and led the invitation, backing up a moment of decision with Amazing Grace.  Then they closed the evening with Jesus Will Pick You Up.

Conclusion:  It is always a treat to see a group sing a full concert by themselves (okay, well, they shared time with the Truelove Quartet, but most of the time was BFAs…)  This year has been an “event/sing” type of year and so this time with one artist was a special rarity.  I love how BFA has integrated their new songs into their program!  Not all groups take the time to add every new song on a new recording into their live performances, and I can’t help but get excited when a group does.  Most of all, I can’t express how much I appreciate it when I hear something new every time I see a group…especially groups I see often.  As you can imagine, I’ve hear I Want To Be That Man introduced many times.  Yet, every time Brian adds something or changes up a thought…and I love how that shows the audience that even though he’s been singing it for a few years now, he’s not lost the passion behind the message.  I think that’s important and admire it greatly.  Also, I’m going to add my very own “plug” here for merchandise – BFA now sells gummy bands!  They are black with red writing and say Unashamed on one side and Brian Free and Assurance on the other.  The gummy band trend has taken to people of all ages, but especially us young folk!  Purchasing one of these bands and gifting it to someone you know is a great way to introduce people to BFA’s music.

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