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Connilyn Cossette

To Dwell Among Cedars – Connilyn Cossette

You know what Connilyn Cossette should have been? A poet.  Every line of her stories are so beautiful, you forget you’re reading fiction. That’s how I felt when I read my very first Cossette novel, “Counted With The Stars” and that’s how I felt when I closed the final page of “To Dwell Among Cedars.”…

Author Question and Answer with Connilyn Cossette

Today, one of my favorite Biblical Fiction authors, Connilyn Cossette, launched a new book called “To Dwell Among Cedars.” So, if you heard any random, unusual squealing at some point today, that was probably me getting excited about this new novel! *wink* To get started, let me share a little about how I discovered Connilyn…

Shelter of the Most High – Connilyn Cossette

“We are surrounded by killers! Surrounded!” …So said Sofea to her cousin, after discovering what a city of refuge was in the land of Israel.  Imagine escaping a near death experience, only to find out that your rescuer and the home they’ve opened to you is a refuge for people who’ve taken the life of…