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Gatlinburg Gathering Part 2

Fourth of July in Gatlinburg is busy.  In the daytime hours, the streets are packed with people walking up and down them – enjoying the sights and sounds of the Smoky Mountains.  Down by the Ober Gatlinburg Air Tram a group of cloggers tapped to Rocky Top…up in the Space Needle people gazed at the…


Hymns In The Morning

There are many ways one could spend the first hours of the day on the 4th of July, especially in Gatlinburg…there are trails to hike, mountains to climb and tasty restaurants to sample; but when you’re at a Gospel Sing, there’s only one thing on your mind – music.  This year, I spent the early…


Gatlinburg Gathering Part 1

It probably seems incredibly odd to be talking about the 4th of July in October, but I have purposed to write and review every sing I’ve been to this year no matter how many months ago those events took place.  This event we are about to travel “back in time to” was The Gatlinburg Gathering…


NQC – Tuesday

I pulled onto the parkway and joined the line of cars; it looked like we were all headed in the same direction – The LeConte Center.  Fortunately, Pigeon Forge is built for tourism and we didn’t sit very long at the light.  As I sat and observed my surroundings I couldn’t help but think that…


NQC – Monday

Black folding chairs sat in a half circle facing the entrance of the LeConte Center  where a yellow ribbon stretched from one stone column to the next and a wooden podium stood as the main focus in the center of it all.  To the left of the ribbon, a row of chairs displayed the NQC’s…

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