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“Where Y’all Going?”

The Paradise glided along the waterway, slowly leaving Tampa behind.  On two decks in the front of the ship, passengers stood watching the city disappear and the water unfold before them.  Though this was only my second Singing at Sea cruise, I had a feeling that this part of the trip would become tradition.  There’s…


A New Year, A New Trio

Legacy Five’s Celebration NYE is more than just your typical Gospel Sing.  After the singing, preaching and luxurious surroundings of Opryland, we also go to breakfast with Legacy Five the last morning.  The Delta opens its ballroom and serves everything a breakfast menu has to offer.  Buffet style, everyone gathers in line, selects their food…


Midnight Makes The Year New

On New Year’s Eve Day, after the morning session, we had lunch in the Delta and walked the gardens.  It’s a tradition for us.  Nothing initiates the creative process in me like a camera in my hand surrounded by perfect scenery!  We meandered through the walkways and I stopped to snap a photo of a…


Ruth – Introduction

Ruth is one of the most popular love stories in the Bible.  It is often taught how Boaz, the kinsmen redeemer, is a picture or foreshadow of Christ and the redemption He provided for all on the cross.  When I think about it, that’s the only thing I’ve ever heard preached on concerning the book…


Good Morning New Year’s Eve!

“How was lunch this morning?” Scott teased the crowd.  He prayed and then the “don, don, don,” kicked off the intro to He Loves Me So, their first song.  “This is the very first song that this group ever sang and recorded 15 years ago,” Scott informed, “and people are still requesting it, and I…

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