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Remnants of Russia

I smiled.  Lighthouses are one of my favorites.  Seeing a small one sit on the edge of a tiny island as the ms Westerdam glided into Sitka Wednesday morning brought my attention to the number of little land masses rising just above the water.  It seemed like they were everywhere you looked.  Cabins and houses…


Mountains of God

John Muir lived from 1838-1914.  As a Naturalist, he made four trips to Alaska where he was the first Euro-American to explore Glacier Bay and document what he found there.  On those trips, he had a young missionary by the name of Samuel Hall Young as a companion.  Young wrote the book Alaska Days with…


Bears, Glaciers and Waterfalls

Juneau, Alaska was our first port of call and the northernmost point we would travel to on the In Touch Cruise.  The Westerdam docked at one o’clock in the afternoon, giving me plenty of time to enjoy the morning activities, have lunch and head to the gangway.  We stayed in Juneau until 10 PM, so…


The Tale of the Whale

According to today’s title, you may have thought it meant a story about a whale or maybe the whale’s physical tale – either way, you’re correct!  Orca whales were seen off the starboard side of the ship all morning and into the afternoon as we sailed toward Alaska. If you would have told me that…


Alaska Bound

Dink.  The crew member handed back my passenger ID card as I stepped onto Holland America’s ms Westerdam for the first time.  The feeling of being on a ship again was exhilarating!  Pulling my carry-on luggage behind me, my mom, sister and I weaved around the hallways of the ship to our stateroom.  This was…

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