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Alaska Bound

Dink.  The crew member handed back my passenger ID card as I stepped onto Holland America’s ms Westerdam for the first time.  The feeling of being on a ship again was exhilarating!  Pulling my carry-on luggage behind me, my mom, sister and I weaved around the hallways of the ship to our stateroom.  This was…


A Day in Seattle

  The PA system fizzed on the aircraft, alerting flyers that the pilot was about to speak.  “Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently flying over Washington and if you look out the windows on the left side of the aircraft, you can view Mount Saint Helens…”  “Ooos,” and “Ahhhs,” followed, but that wasn’t the only…


Beacon Park 2015

The grey clouds hanging above the hotel seemed to grow darker as noon approached.  The moment I stepped in the shower, the tornado sirens blared their warning of woe.  Not exactly a good day for an outdoor Gospel Sing, eh?  But over the years, both the fans and proprietors of Beacon Park learned to conquer…


CD Review: Walk of Faith – The Whisnants

What does it mean to live and walk by faith?  If you have the Whisnants new CD, Walk of Faith, you’ll hear a definition in every song.  Whether it is learning not to worry, witnessing to a friend or embracing how much God loves you – the whole project sums up the very subject. A…


CD Review: As We Speak – Greater Vision

Greater Vision’s 2015 release, As We Speak, is a combination of refreshing music and lyrics that are challenging, meaningful and encouraging.  Each song enhances the sound that makes Greater Vision so beloved among their fans; whether it’s a rich orchestra behind a ballad like “This Is Mercy” or a rousing tune like “Preacher, Tell Me…

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