Southern Gospel Picnic – Pat Barker and The Martins

A sunny sky, a light breeze, Gospel Music and the Ozark hills – combined, they are the making of a perfect summer day.  Thursday night in Echo Hollow fell under that category, the weather was perfect.  Clouds sheltered us from the oppressive heat of the sun and a breeze wafted our way, ah…September had arrived. …


Southern Gospel Picnic – Mark Bishop and Legacy Five

“Mark Bishop has been known down through the years for great Gospel Music,” said Duane Garren, emcee for Echo Hollow.  “You keep asking for him and we keep bringing him back – Mark Bishop!”  Mark walked on stage and kicked off Wednesday night at the Southern Gospel Picnic with his #1 song, Listening For The…


Southern Gospel Picnic – Tribute, Wilburn & Wilburn, Triumphant

Tuesday afternoon proved to be a lovely day at Silver Dollar City!  Though the forecast warned of a 30-40% chance of rain, the clouds were just enough to protect us from the rays of the sun so we could enjoy being outside.  The Southern Gospel Picnic offers a wide variety of artists to see each…



Tribute Quartet Hits the Mark with Here For You

Hendersonville, TN (September 16, 2016) – Fan favorite Tribute Quartet is releasing its sophomore album with Daywind Records. Here for You features a fresh sound honed by multi-Dove Award-winning producer, Wayne Haun, and reflects the best work of the top songwriters in Southern Gospel combined with the powerful quartet vocals of one of the genre’s…


Mark Trammell Quartet Announces Pre-order for New Album, Full Sail

Southside, Alabama, September 14, 2016 – The Mark Trammell Quartet (MTQ) announces their new CD, Full Sail, is available for pre-order today.  Produced by Mark Trammell, Jeff Collins and Trey Ivey (pianist for Legacy Five) this new CD features ten songs from the pen of some of the industry’s greatest writers and classic Gospel songs. …


Ed Harper to Receive SGMG Lifetime Achievement Honor

September 14, 2016 (Nashville, TN) – Ed Harper, iconic Gospel music industry veteran, will receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Honor from the SGMG (Southern Gospel Music Guild) during the 2016 National Quartet Convention In Pigeon Forge, TN. The presentation of the honor will take place during an invitation-only reception on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, at the LeConte Center. The announcement was made…



Beacon Rock – Washington

August, old car, no air-conditioning; what does that spell to you?  As we pulled out of the Portland Airport, crossed the river into Washington and stared at Mount Hood from the backseat of a two-door Buick, a nine letter word entered my mind – adventure.  Windows down, a local friend (who will remain nameless for…


Bald Knob Cross – Southern Illinois

Jim and Mary Snider are some of the most excellent hosts you will meet in the promoting business.  The Truthseekers’ Homecoming, held at the Marion Cultural and Civic Center, is a place where you feel at home the moment you step in the building; a feeling that all of the Truthseekers lavish upon each attendee. …


Coba – Mayan Ruins

Cozumel is Mexico’s largest island and the second port of call on our cruise to the Western Caribbean, but when our ship docked, we had no intention of exploring the island.  At least, not this year. In fact, we didn’t even walk to the end of the pier. Just on the other side of our…



Pilgrimage – Lynn Austin

I know Lynn Austin from her book “Candle in the Darkness,” and other titles that keep piling up on my to-read list.  Reviews for her fiction pieces have received 5 stars and praise for building emotion and using accurate historical facts; when I happened upon this narrative that retold the journey she took to the…


She Walks In Power – Mary Lu Tyndall

A disloyal friend.  The King’s Knights.  A warrior of God.  Evil warlock.  Godly Friar.  Power hungry bishop.  What do they all have in common?  They are wrapped up in a fight for the spearhead that stabbed Christ on the cross.  She Walks In Power by Mary Lu Tyndall is the first Medieval Novel in a…


Reapers – Bryan Davis

When I first heard Bryan Davis announce his new book, Reapers, I was unsure if the storyline was one I would enjoy.  A Christian story about taking people’s spirit’s from their dead bodies?  In addition, the book has also been likened to the popular series, The Hunger Games; one I thought was quite gruesome.  Then…