Southern Gospel Picnic – Pat Barker and The Martins

A sunny sky, a light breeze, Gospel Music and the Ozark hills – combined, they are the making of a perfect summer day.  Thursday night in Echo Hollow fell under that category, the weather was perfect.  Clouds sheltered us from the oppressive heat of the sun and a breeze wafted our way, ah…September had arrived. …


Southern Gospel Picnic – Mark Bishop and Legacy Five

“Mark Bishop has been known down through the years for great Gospel Music,” said Duane Garren, emcee for Echo Hollow.  “You keep asking for him and we keep bringing him back – Mark Bishop!”  Mark walked on stage and kicked off Wednesday night at the Southern Gospel Picnic with his #1 song, Listening For The…


Southern Gospel Picnic – Tribute, Wilburn & Wilburn, Triumphant

Tuesday afternoon proved to be a lovely day at Silver Dollar City!  Though the forecast warned of a 30-40% chance of rain, the clouds were just enough to protect us from the rays of the sun so we could enjoy being outside.  The Southern Gospel Picnic offers a wide variety of artists to see each…


old paths

The Old Paths Return

Arden, NC. (January 17, 2017) - Crossroads Entertainment and Marketing is excited to announce the return of The Old Paths. After the success of their previous recordings with Sonlite Records and their incredible standing in the industry, we are looking forward with anticipation of continuing with them in this future endeavor. With former members Tim Rackley,…


The Nelons To Perform During Presidential Inauguration Week

Hendersonville, TN (January 16th, 2017) – GMA Hall of Fame members, The Nelons, have been honored with the opportunity to sing the patriotic classic, ‘God Bless America’ during the Laying of the Wreath Ceremony, to kick off this week’s Presidential Inaugural events. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, January 19th at Arlington National Cemetery,…


Daywind Instrumental Announces Addition of Jeff Stice

Hendersonville, TN (October 6th, 2016) – Daywind Instrumental, a division of Daywind Music, is proud to announce the addition of Jeff Stice to its roster of accomplished musicians. Since the age of six, Jeff Stice has had a passion for the piano, one that quickly turned into a passion for Gospel Music.  By fifteen, Jeff…



Mount Rainer – Washington

In 2015, I sat by the window on a flight leaving Seattle, Washington.  Below, Mount Rainer stood in all her snow-capped splendor as I snapped multiple photos on my iPhone.  Seeing it from the sky was magnificent and I never thought anything would top that experience…until I saw the mountain from the ground. “Admission to…


Ocean Shores – Washington

It may have been the middle of August, but I would have been lost without my Columbia fleece jacket as I walked the beach at Ocean Shores in Washington.  The air near the coast carried a good chill and the water coming in from the Pacific was freezing…that is, the few times I allowed it…


Oneonta Gorge and Multnomah Falls – Oregon

Those walking past us were wet…really wet.  I tugged my socks off, knowing we would be going through water.  I’d rather deal with wet creek walkers instead of wet socks and shoes.  As I leaned up against the car and observed the people walking by, our friend began laughing.  Almost hysterically.  I knew there were…


prague counterpoint

Prague Counterpoint – Bodie Thoene

How could the world let an empire rise that would try and exterminate an entire nationality?  Then again, how could a leader who is so bent on making Aryans the most important race in the world, encourage the murder of his own people?  These two questions are extensively explored in Prague Counterpoint, the second installment…


A Heart Most Certain – Melissa Jagears

I was scrolling through Facebook one day when I saw an author’s post – she was giving away a few copies of her new book to a random number of folks who commented on her post – and as any avid reader would do, I commented.  A little while later, I was tagged in a…


Vienna Prelude – Bodie Thoene

As I closed the cover to Vienna Prelude, I knew I had been introduced to a cast of characters who wouldn’t soon be forgotten.  Some were good.  Some were evil.  Nevertheless, each have made an impression on me that will easily come to mind whenever the topic of WWII and Hitler’s reign of terror come…