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A Crowd That Talks Back

In Southern Missouri, winter should have be over and “done with” by the end of March.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.  Bitter temperatures still clung to the air and cut through our jackets.  Yet, what we call the “desolate winter” concerning the amount of Gospel concerts one can attend between Thanksgiving and Easter was breaking.  For example,…


Music in the Air by Mark Ward

Music in the Air by Mark Ward is a chronological history/biography of gospel radio from its start in the 1920’s up to present day.  Along the way, there are short life stories of radio’s great evangelist like Percy Crawford and Jack Wyrtzen, the very first Southern Gospel quartets, The Statesmen, Stamps and Back to the…


GIVE-A-WAY: Hymns and Family

Spring has finally made an appearance in Southern Missouri and I can’t express how wonderful it feels to be able to say, “It’s hot outside!”  Okay, so it may not be hot, but the warmth is a much welcomed change to the frigid temperatures we’ve experienced through the winter.  The weather has been quite different…


Land of the Lakes and Sun

Have you ever noticed how photos portray writers?  Nine chances out of ten the photo had him (or her!) seated on a nice cushy chair, pen in hand, expensive looking leather bound notebook sitting on their lap with a gaze directed out a window lost in thought.  Oh, and don’t forget a coffee mug on…


One More Song

One by one, the folks in the lobby made their way into the auditorium for the last night of the Truthseekers’ Homecoming. I felt like I was the last person to my seat! As I slipped through the door on the right side of the theater the Truthseekers were already on stage singing Who Am…

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