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HesAliveAfter deciding which DVD I wanted to review next, I sat down on the couch, popped in the round disc of the Talley’s and watched this family pour out their hearts on their 2011 video release, He’s Alive.  From an old quartet song to a hymn, radio hits and some of their most popular songs – by the time this DVD ended, it felt like I just walked out of one of their live concerts!

The Talley’s are a family group (trio to be precise) based out of Morristown, Tennessee.  Roger and Debra Talley, along with their daughter Lauren, have been singing together since 1996.  Originally, the group began in ’84 with Roger, his wife Debra and brother Kirk.  This group continued on until ’92, when the group went off the road.  Since their return to Gospel Music the Talley’s have been singing all over the world sharing the message of Christ.  Their current DVD He’s Alive is a great way to get to know the family.





Track List:
1.  He’s So Good To Me
2.  The Promise
3.  He’s A Personal Savior
4.  Amazing Grace
5.  Life Goes On
6.  The Broken Ones
7.  The Extra Mile
8.  In Christ Alone
9.  My Hope Is In The Lord
10.  Mountain Mover
11.  He’s Alive
12.  Alleluia/How Great Thou Art/Total Praise
13.  Hallelujah Chorus

Highlights:  Where do I begin?  The first thing to catch my attention was He’s A Personal Savior.  It was the third song in and the Talley’s sang it acapella – I firmly believe that little song shows off the talent this family has.  (From what I understand, what they did with that song wasn’t an easy feat!)  The harmony, timing, everything about it was perfect.  Between that song and the following, the screen revealed Debra standing in a room with a black grand piano as she spoke of her love for books.  Pulling out the hymnal she grew up singing out of at church, she began to introduce her favorite hymn, Amazing Grace.  Then the scene switched back to the concert where she sang that same hymn.  I found that approach very tasteful – it drew me in and made the video more personal, by the time the concert ended it felt like the Talley’s had just finished visiting my home for a cup of coffee.  Lauren also introduced her solo The Broken Ones with a similar introduction; sharing the story behind the song.  Lauren’s testimony before In Christ Alone was a personal highlight for me.  When she speaks, you know you’re hearing her heart.  Finally, you’ll notice the Wilmington Celebration Choir joining the trio on numbers like Mountain Mover and the Hallelujah Chorus.


“Even though your life may be broken right now, it doesn’t have to stay that way.”
– Lauren Talley


Behind the Scenes:  There is A LOT of back stage footage on this video!  Some of the selections are “Conversations with the Talley’s,” “Singing at Home,”  “Before the Concert” and much, much more.  In these clips you will hear Roger, Debra and Lauren talk about why they sing, how they began, why they love it and stories of God’s faithfulness.  My favorite story was one Debra told from her days with the Songmasters on how the Lord provides.  The tale was interjected with how Roger’s family found their first piano growing up; you can find it under the “conversations” clip.

Conclusion:  He’s Alive captures the same spirit you feel when you’re present at a Talley concert.  For that reason, this video is perfect in my opinion!  When I walk away from a Talley concert I know for certain that God is real, caring and active in the lives of His children – this video reminded me of those very things.  After listening to Roger, Debra and Lauren talk and sing about the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness, I was encouraged.  I think that’s important…if you watch this video and decide to go see them in concert, you’ll see consistency and won’t be disappointed with what their ministry is about, because you’ve already seen who they are and a true representation of what they do on the video.  The quality of film was great, as was the sound, song selection and singers!  I hope you’ll add this DVD to your collection and be blessed by it, like I was!

He’s Alive available online HERE!

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