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What has God provided for you lately? Are you worry free because of His peace? Encouraged by godly examples of folks who walked through trials faithfully? If you’re waiting on God’s provision in your life, or, celebrating the provision you’ve already received – you need a copy of the Mark Trammell Quartet’s 2019 release, God Has Provided. These ten songs will point you to the presence of God in our lives and how His provision is closely linked with the blessings from His hand. Musically, you’ll love how this album is all about quartet music and continues MTQ’s recognizable sound with new songs you will love the moment you hear them. If you like new songs sung the old way, this project is definitely for you! Let’s take a closer look…

1 Be Saved
Tempo: Medium Ballad
Feature: Nick Trammell
Message: From the first verse, we’re taken to the Garden of Eden; where man’s greatest mistake became his greatest need. Through one act of disobedience, separation from God became a reality. But thanks to God’s provision, it didn’t stay that way. Through the hope of Jesus, and those who have preached the message of salvation, we can now be saved. The chorus is a proclamation of this blessed truth – it urges those still walking in darkness to be redeemed, saved and set free from the bondage of sin and death. The second verse continues the story of redemption and how it works in a sinner’s life. Beginning with the sinner’s prayer, the born again child of God grows from a glowing ember to a flaming fire of God’s grace, now, called to spread the message of God’s wondrous salvation. Just when you think the music can’t get any better, the bridge tops off the ballad with a few lines from the hymn, “Saved, Saved.”
Other Comments: This ballad starts the project with a big, full sound. The orchestration can be heard all the way through the song and gives the listener a good idea of what’s ahead in the album – quality music and great lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics, this ballad was penned by songwriters Rodney Griffin and MTQ’s very own, Nick Trammell. Words can’t describe how beautiful this song is. Considering that spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the quartet’s first priority, it is the perfect lyric to start their new album with.

2 Forever King
Tempo: Fast
Feature: Whole Quartet
Message: What do you see when you look at the trends and culture around you? If you said things like, “evil,” “wickedness,” or, “disgraceful behavior,” then you can sympathize with the writer of this song. The first verse says it hasn’t surprised the Lord, who predicted such behavior in the Bible. It also goes on to say that if we didn’t have the Word of God, we’d probably think there were none righteous left! Yet, inside those pages lay the hope we have for living in such a world today. The chorus goes on to list the things that God has done through His unspeakable power that reminds us He is still in control and reigning over all. In the second verse, the lyrics speak of leaving the hard times of this life behind when Jesus returns for the church. When He comes again, all the world will see that He is forever King!
Other Comments: With Dianne Wilkinson at the pen of this tune, you won’t be surprised to hear that this is a good upbeat quartet song. Though there isn’t a verse dedicated to featuring just one of the four singers, you’ll hear stand out lines from Nick in the verses and bass lines from Randy at the end of the chorus. Add some piano turnarounds, bass guitar and drums and you have a fun song just the way quartet fans like it!

3 Just A Little While
Tempo: Fast
Feature: Randy Byrd
Message: As the title foreshows, this bass feature is about the Lord’s soon return and how it won’t be long until we’re on heaven’s shore. The first verse kicks off by asking if the child of God has taken notice of the prophecies coming true around them. Continuing, the lyric assures them that in the blink of an eye, Jesus will return and we’ll be forever with Him. The refrain happily repeats the joyous thought of strolling the streets of heaven and enjoying the Lord’s presence…in just a little while. With all the glory waiting above, the second verse goes on to urge the listener to be ready for that great day. The most important thing? Make sure the blood of Jesus has been applied to your life – because it won’t be long before He comes back!
Other Comments: When you listen to this song, it will sound like the oldest one on the project, but, it’s actually written by the youngest member of the group – Trevor Conkle! Get ready for some classic piano turnarounds and that traditional quartet sound on this one. With the bass feature, you’ll be in love with this tune in no time.

4 The Way In The Wilderness
Tempo: Soft Ballad
Feature: Blake Buffin
Message: The lyrics to this ballad speak of the Lord’s provision in hard times. As the first stanza describes, the Lord provides refreshing water when the desert gets hot and weary, and like the miracles of old, hard stones transform into streams of healing. All of this is possible, because Jesus is the One who guides us through times of wilderness living. Going into the refrain, the lyrics talk about how the Lord can make even a desert bloom. When you see no sign of life or hope, Jesus will be your victory in every situation. With His love and provision, there’s reason to rejoice…even in the wilderness. The second stanza reminds us that all these things should inspire us to lift our hands in praise for all that God has done. From his provision of water in the dry desert to seeing His power go forth, we too can say, “we have found in Him all we need, our hope in the wilderness…”
Other Comments: The orchestration behind this soft ballad is beautiful! Between the strings, piano and brass, you’ll agree that the song has a smooth, easy sound and is the perfect fit for Blake. It reminded me of MTQ’s cut of “He Hideth My Soul,” yet, even better. You’ll want to listen to this song several times – the first time to enjoy the music, the second to take in the lyrics and a third time to enjoy both together!

5 Not If, But When
Tempo: Medium
Feature: Mark Trammell
Message: We’ve heard the verse all our life that says, “No man knows the day, nor the hour of Christ’s return.” Though the verse reassures us of God’s promises, the waiting can be wearying. Well, this song will cheer you up! The first verse reminds us of that very Scripture and adds that when it comes to God’s promises, we don’t have to wonder if He’ll come through, but “when.” The refrain reiterates this truth by directing us to the signs that point to His soon return and encourages us to trust in His promise. Why? It’s simple! God always keeps His word! The second verse acknowledges that there will be those who doubt, but we don’t have to be among those in despair. Just remember, we don’t wonder “if,” but “when!”
Other Comments: If you love the piano, you’ll love the intro and turnarounds on this tune. The music behind this song has that smooth, “easy listening feel” so often heard in tunes with a mid-tempo beat. Because of that, the music is a perfect fit for the lyrics that encourage a steady, “chilled out” outlook on life because of the Lord’s promise. Vocally, I love how the second verse gives Mark the lead but then also gives Blake a quick stand out on the chorus. Very “quartet-y”!

6 When We All Get Together
Tempo: Fast
Feature: Mark Trammell
Message: This is a fun tune that talks about what will happen when God’s people are finally united with the Lord in heaven. Each verse and the chorus focuses on one thing Believers may struggle with on earth but will do better in eternity. The chorus starts out with the poor and rich treating each other equally and then the tune moves into the first verse, which has a similar message. After another chorus, we move into the second verse that says one day, the weak won’t feel inferior to the strong. The bridge sums up the song with a few positive lines about being reunited with loved ones and how we’ll follow Saint Peter through the pearly gates singing and worshipping the Lord.
Other Comments: If you like MTQ’s recuts of tunes like “I Want To Know” and “Wonderful Time Up There,” you’ll love their rendition of this Gaither classic! It has the bouncy beat, brass and quartet style fans have come to love from these arrangements. You’ll also enjoy Mark’s solo on the second verse and stand out lines on the last chorus.

7 Go Ask Moses
Tempo: Medium
Feature: Whole Quartet
Message: I don’t know what you think about when you think of Moses.  If you’re walking through a tough time and have questions or doubts about whether God’s going to come through, the first verse of this song will encourage you to look at this patriarch as an exemplary model of faith. In the chorus, the lyrics use the phrase “Go as Moses” to get our eyes off of ourselves and on someone who was under more pressure and saw God work in ways we can’t even fathom. Moses talked to God in the burning bush, was the one God depended on to lead about 2 million people out of slavery and saw the Red Sea open and close, just for the children of Israel. After all of that, “if you need to be reminded that God always makes a way.” Just ask Moses! The second verse goes on to compare the things Moses went through and how we often have similar questions in our spiritual lives. What a blessing to know, at the end of the day, we’re not the first to discover that God rules, no matter what!
Other Comments: When the track plays, the first thing you’ll hear is a walk up on the lead guitar – this intro is almost identical to “Treasures In Heaven” from MTQ’s “Full Sail” album; and if you enjoyed that tune, you’ll love “Go Ask Moses.” What I love about this tune is that the lead guitar is the only music you hear in the background through the first verse and chorus. You have to reach the second verse before the harmonica and other instruments kick in, putting the vocals, and therefore the lyrics, in the forefront of the song. Another great tune written by Rodney Griffin!

8 God Has Provided Himself A Lamb
Tempo: Fast
Feature: Mark Trammell
Message: The story of Abraham and Isaac have filled many a lyric with the promise of Christ’s sacrifice, and this upbeat tune takes us to Mount Moriah again for another look at the story from Genesis chapter 22. The first verse kicks off with Isaac asking his father the question we’re so familiar with, “Father, I see the wood, but, where’s the lamb?” The story continues by sharing how Abraham’s faith endured and Isaac lived because of the ram’s substitutional sacrifice. The refrain walks us through Christ’s life on earth, beginning with the manger and ending at the cross. The second verse goes on to talk about how we had no hope and were destined to be lost forever. Then, the Spirit showed us the cross where God’s lamb was provided, a sacrifice, once for all.
Other Comments: This faster tune has a fun beat and meaningful message. You’ll hear some lead guitars and piano in the background, but mostly, you’re drawn into the lyrics and how we’re blessed by God’s provision on the cross. …and if you enjoyed it as much as I did, you’ll be more than happy when the encore starts.

9 Hem Of His Garment
Tempo: Ballad
Feature: Mark Trammell
Message: This song beings with the story of a man who lost everything, yet, goes on to share a testimony of salvation and healing. The first verse begins with one speaking from rock bottom. They wasted their life, was at rock bottom and then had to face the consequences for the damage their choices had caused. For the first time, there was nowhere else to go…at least that’s what they thought. The chorus bursts into the hope that everyone living, regardless of their sin and failure, can claim in Christ. And it’s simply, when you’re at the end of your rope, you can still reach the “hem of Jesus’ garment.” As you listen to the second verse, you’ll hear of the transformation that’s taken place in this one’s life since that day – a dying man now born again, the past forgotten and forgiven. Perhaps the climax of the song is the line of the bridge that exclaims, “If I can see Jesus – there’s still hope for me!” What a blessed promise!
Other Comments: If there’s an arrangement on this album that resembles the big ballads of MTQ’s previous recordings, this one is it. The strings and piano are beautifully woven into the piece, and when you listen to it, you can’t help but be overwhelmed by the grace of God. It’s also the only ballad that features Mark on the project; and it’s just the type of song you’d expect him to sing. A wonderful lyric written by Dianne Wilkinson and Scotty Inman.


10 Good Enough For Me
Tempo: Medium
Feature: Nick Trammell
Message: What makes you excited about heaven? The first stanza of this tune talks about some of the things Believers may look forward to: golden streets, jasper walls, the crystal river and even wonders we couldn’t think up in our imaginations. Yet, the chorus reminds us of what heaven is really about – Jesus. Though He is making a heavenly home for us, that’s not the reason we’re clinging to His promises. If Jesus were the only One in heaven, the lyrics says that would be good enough. The second stanza goes on to explain how the Lord has turned trials to victory and kept His promises. This is why we love Him and want to spend eternity, not with beautiful things, but with Him!
Other Comments: This song was written by Nick Trammell and has a light, snappy beat to the music. I love how this song gives the album a great message, and beat, to end on. Provision is all about a relationship with Jesus and this song sums up the theme with a lyric that simply says, “…just knowing that He’ll be there is good enough for me.”


Conclusion: MTQ has taken two years to pick out the songs for this new album – and it shows. Every track is of the utmost quality, musically and lyrically. You’ll enjoy the Jazzy influence in “The Way In The Wilderness,” the quartet feel of “Just A Little While” and the anthem in “Be Saved.” There’s a consistent sound throughout the recording, and longterm fans will love how MTQ keeps producing music that fits their style and heritage. As far as solos and features go, God Has Provided has a perfect balance – each member of the group is featured at least once, and then the rest of the project showcases the group as a whole, in true quartet style. If you love quartet music, then this album should at the top of your list to get this year.

Watch the Official Video Trailer for the album below!


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