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Grace Revolution (book and study guide) – Joseph Prince

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In November of 2016, I finished reading Grace Revolution by Joseph Prince for the second time.  I first read the book when it was released in November of 2015 and again in 2016 when my friend and I went through the study guide together.  I want to go over both resources in this review and give you an idea of what you can expect from them.

The Book

GraceRevOpening to the Table of Contents you will find twenty chapters broken down into five parts (or “keys”) that explain what, or maybe I should say Who, grace is.  The first thing I want to establish is that this book is about Jesus – not a theological thesis on a topic of doctrine.  The style of writing is easy to read and written in a friendly manner, as if you were having a cup of coffee with the author at the kitchen table.  If you’re apt to skip reading the Introduction, don’t!  Take the time to go over these pages, they’ll help you to understand why the book was written and what you’ll be learning from it.

My favorite part of the book was the section called, “Speak the Language of Faith.”  At first I thought the chapters devoted to this heading would be about speaking in tongues, but found that it was actually centered on being positive in the words that you speak and how they affect your life.  I found what Pastor Prince had written was very practical and something that anyone can apply to their life.  If you were to page through my book, you would find more sentences and paragraphs underlined in these three chapters than anywhere else!

One thing I’ve come to anticipate in Prince’s books are the testimonies he includes from people who have written to the ministry and shared how their lives have been changed through the gospel of grace.  And here’s why – not only are there testimonies of people being delivered from drugs, alcohol, smoking, pornography and other addictions, but there are testimonies of people who drifted away from the Lord, or, grew up in church with the wrong impression of who God is and have come to know Jesus in a way they didn’t think was possible.  They didn’t have to have to be healed from a horrible lifestyle to be included in this book, and I really liked that.  Grace works for everyday church people too!

The Study Guide

We’ve all done it.  Read a chapter of a book, set it down and couldn’t recall what it was you juststudyguidegr read.  The Grace Revolution Study Guide (published in 2016) is a companion to Grace Revolution to help you really get what the book is saying.  My friend and I got a hold of the guide early in 2016 and went through the book and study guide together; we really enjoyed it!

The study guide parallels the book in that it has the same amount of chapters; each chapter of the guide begins with a paragraph from the book that sums up the material.  Below that, questions are written in bold and relate to what you read in the book.  There can be anywhere from ten to twenty-two questions for each chapter.  Underneath the question, a blank space is given to write in your answer.  What kind of questions are asked?  They can range from finding a specific answer that is given in the book and repeating it, to looking at a testimony or principle and writing what it means to you, or even asking you to write out what your experience with a certain teaching has been.  Now, I know what you’re thinking… That’s great, but how do you know if your answer is right or wrong?  Well, at the back of the book (page 134) is an answer key.  No cheating!  But you can always look up something if you’re not sure you have the right answer.

My friend and I completed one chapter a week (yep, it took twenty weeks!) and talked about what we read and shared our answers over the phone each week.  It was a lot slower approach than what I take with most books, but I felt that the pace helped me absorb the truths and really learn from it before going on to the next chapter.

Conclusion:  I highly recommend both Grace Revolution and the Study Guide!  Both are great resources that will help you grow in your walk with God and point you toward that breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

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