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spiritualwarfareSpiritual Warfare may be one of the smaller volumes written by Pastor Joseph Prince, but a lack in pages doesn’t mean a lack in great illustrations or teaching.  The “armor of God” in Ephesians chapter six has always been a popular topic among churches and authors in Christianity; and I’m sure we’ve all heard it preached on to some extent.  Pastor Prince’s explanation here is a concise, easy to understand guide of what it means to use these pieces of armor effectively in our lives.

…And that’s probably the first reason why I latched on to this book so quickly.  Pastor Prince teaches you how to use the armor.  Personally, I’ve always heard people talk about the armor of God in a doctrinal way.  I heard teaching on righteousness, faith, salvation and peace.  I knew what each piece meant, but I didn’t know what it meant for me.  In Spiritual Warfare, each chapter explains not only what each piece of this armor is for, but how I can use it.  All his examples and suggestions are easy to understand and simple to practice.  If you listen and/or read a lot of Joseph Prince’s material, you’ll recognize some of his conclusions from other teachings and I found it really helpful to see how those fit in with this portion of Scripture.

Secondly, I loved how the author explained each piece of armor.  Before reading this book, I could figure out why faith is described as a shield, I mean, that one’s pretty obvious.  But, what does peace have to do with your feet?  I know a lot of people use this part to talk about missions and any preacher can talk about peace all day, but I was still unsure of the connection with the feet until I read this book.  Using a simple example from Basic Military Training, Pastor Prince explained why a soldier must have healthy feet in wartime and how this relates to spiritual warfare.  After all, if you’re not at peace with what you’re walking through, chances are, you’re not gonna come out too good!

The third thing that I found interesting is how Pastor Prince insists that prayer is also a part of the armor of God.  When you read the passage, it makes sense; prayer may be the last thing mentioned, but it is in there!  In addition, I loved how he uses the number system in the Bible to prove this is so.  We all have been taught that the armor of God has six pieces – belt, helmet, breastplate, boots, sword and shield.  But, six in the Bible represents man; a.k.a. falling short, failure.  How can God give us something to fight spiritual darkness with if it’s not perfect, like Him?  Yet, when you add in prayer, it brings the number to seven…the number that represents completeness in the Word of God.  The number of God Himself.  And if we’re going to use the power of God to fight the forces of darkness, shouldn’t talking to Him be a part of that?

Conclusion:  If you’re interested in a fresh look at a familiar passage of Scripture, I highly recommend Spiritual Warfare.  It’s an easy read, practical and will point you to Jesus.  Pastor Prince reminds us that the battle has already been won by Jesus on the cross…He’s provided the protection for our lives; we just have to use the Scripture to unlock and activate that power.  The best part?  It’s simple.  Anyone can follow the guidelines given here!  This book is just over a 100 pages, so if you’re interested but don’t have a lot of time to read, know that you can get through this book pretty fast.

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